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VB NOTES PART 1 - Standardized font Segoe UI Space between...

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1/25 ---GUI: Graphical User Interface ---GUI elements Label: text that user can’t change TextBox: text user can change Button: rectangular box you can click Panel: area for collection of Buttons, Labels, etc. GroupBox: Panel with a title CheckBox: (not mutually exclusive----can select many at the same time) Radio Button: (Mutually exclusive------cannot select many at the same time) PictureBox Names should make sense Standardized names for windows forms (cartonsLabel) ---interface tips
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Unformatted text preview: Standardized font Segoe UI Space between forms & the edge of the box & between forms Line up Labels, TextBox, etc TextBox always have a Label explaining what to enter Buttons:-On right, top to bottm-On bottom, from right Text alignment-Left for text-Right for numbers (for addition purpose) Sometimes centered for answers/ totals Cartons: Total: There are 4 Labels: Cartons, Items, Total, Items: Calc Total although it's a textbox but users cant change it...
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