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1/27 ---Identifier rules: letters, digits, underscore No special characters [MyButton, my-Button; mybutton* is wrong] No spaces [ my Button is wrong] Compiler is going to treat words separately; therefore problems. Can’t start with a number [9myButton would be wrong] Can’t be a reserved word Reserved words: words reserved for compiler Not case sensitive---uppercase and lowercase is the same [okbutton and OkButton
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Unformatted text preview: are the same]---Dot notation ControlName_EventName ItemsText Box . Text Object property---Assignment operator Eg. ItemsTextBox.Text = “12” Two operands--Val function: Takes one or more argument, returns unique output (Output is uniquely determined by input)---Val: returns a number, given a string Val (12) returns 12---Comments: Start with ‘ Goes to end of line---continuation: underscore _ after white space...
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