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VB NOTES PART 4 - evaluated< statement2> it’s either...

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2/3 ---Algorithm: a series of specific steps to solve some problems ---Pseudocode: /`su:dou,koud/ : A form of structured English to design algorithms Halfway between English and some programming language ---control structures: which statement is executed next? (Each control structure has one entrance and one exit) Block world examples (juggle balls) Right 4 Down 12 (algorithm has to change due to the change of condition) Grab Up 3 Left 4 Down 1 Release Up 9 Anything computable can be computed using only 3 control structures You can next any of these 3 Sequence UML (Uniformed Modeling Language) Activity Diagram Statement 1 Statement 2 -------------------end Selection Condition? True Statement False Repetition ---Single Selection: If…Then If < condition> Then < statement1> ( < condition> is a Boolean expression when
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Unformatted text preview: evaluated, < statement2> it’s either True or False) : • < Statement n> End If----Relations Operators E.g. If score >= 60 Then >=------- ≥--------greater than or equal Grade = “Passed” <=------- ≤ --------less than or equal Else (refers to score < 60) <>------- ≠--------not equal Grade = “Failed” =---------is overloaded End if ● Statement 2 False Condition? True Statement 1 ⊙ If score >= 90 Then If score >= 60 Then Grade = “A” Grade = “D” Else Else If score >= 80 Then If score >= 70 Then Grade = “B” Grade = “C” Else Else If score >= 70 Grade = “C” [When it’s true = End If Else so score will not over count] If score >= 60 Grade = “D” Else Grade = “F” End If End If End If End If...
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