VB NOTES PART 6 - • Be careful about off-by-one...

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2/10 Q: What is the smallest number of bits I need to store 50 colors? 6 bits (2^6=64) Dim bits As Integer = 0 Dim colors As Integer=1 Dim maxColors As Integer ‘read maxColors from user Do while colors<maxColors Bits + =1 Colors = colors^2 Loop Condition? True Statement 1 False Do while….loop Can also put condition at bottom Dim counter As Integer = 0 Do ‘ sth Counter +=1 Loop while counter <3 Statement 1 Condition? false True Dim ctr As Integer =1 Do while ctr >0 do while ctr<4 (repeat 3 times) ‘ something Ctr +=1 Loop Infinite loop (nonstop) Notes Make sure value of condition eventually changes
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Unformatted text preview: • Be careful about off-by-one errors-check boundary conditions • Initialize all variables • Counter-controlled iteration is very common- has its own control structure----New Windows Form: ListBox: a list of items, controlled by code (like a label, users can’t change it) entriesListBox.Items.Clear () ------------clear all the entries object object method entriesListBox.Items.Add (“New item”) entriesListBox.Items.Cont Mystring=entriesListBox. Item. Item (0) entriesListBox.Items.RemoveAt (2)...
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VB NOTES PART 6 - • Be careful about off-by-one...

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