VB NOTES PART 7 - ElseIf Else displayLabel.Text=...

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2/15 ---Counter-controlled iteration requires - Control variable - Initial value - Increment (or decrement) - Condition to check for final value (stopping condition to avoid infinite loop) ---simpler: For…Next Dim ctr As Integer For ctr=1 To 10 Step 1 ----------- optional…default: add 1 ‘do sth Next Notebook (graph) Condition is implicit now Ctr <= 10 Determined by sign of step For ctr=10 To 1 step 1-1 (if counting down, add”-1” because the default is +10) For ctr As Integer =7 (can declare in the loop if not going to use it anywhere else) For ctr As Integer = 1To2*X step 1 . . X +=2 Next (executed 14 times-condition doesn’t change) 2/17 Multicase selection If grade = “A” Then displayLabel.Text=”Excellent” ElseIf grade= “B” Then displayLabel.Text= “Very Good”
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Unformatted text preview: ElseIf . . Else displayLabel.Text= “Invalid” EndIf OR Select Case grade ● Case “A” displayLabel.Text= “Excellent” cond 1 True Action 1 Case “B” displayLabel.Text= “Very Good” False . . cond 2 True Action 2 Case Else displayLabel.Text= “Invalid” Optional False End Select-----Notes-------------Executes first matching case only Default Action ⊙ Each case is followed by an expression list Case 29 Case 27 to 43 Case 14, 15, 18 Case Is< 27 Case 12, -3 To 3, Is > 41 (not recommended—easy to get confused) My string = number & _ controlChars.Tab & _ Number * number Val (“123”) ------- “123” number a hundred and twenty three Str (123) -------one two three...
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VB NOTES PART 7 - ElseIf Else displayLabel.Text=...

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