VB NOTES PART 18 - List (2) = 12 List.RemoveAt (1)...

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4/12 -----Collections Basically, a dynamically-sited array grows as needed Dim list As List (of Integer) = New List (of Integer) Dim x As Integer = 5 List.Add(x) ‘adds element to next position 5 5 5 5 List.Add(x+3) 8 7 7 12 List.Insrt (1, 7) 8 12 ‘insert element at index (7—element, 1—index)
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Unformatted text preview: List (2) = 12 List.RemoveAt (1) ‘removes element at position, move others up Dim answer As Integer = list.Count For each Z As Integer in list ‘do sth Answer += Z--------19 Next...
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