1.2 Mathematical Patterns

1.2 Mathematical Patterns - Mathematical Patterns...

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Unformatted text preview: Mathematical Patterns Mathematical Patterns Section 1.2 Sequence – an ordered list of numbers Infinite sequence – a sequence with an infinite number of terms Sequence Notation Sequence Notation The first term of a sequence is denoted . u1 u The second term is . 2 The term in the nth position, called the nth term, is denoted by . u n un un The term before is . −1 Recursive Form of a Sequence Recursive Form of a Sequence A sequence is defined recursively if the first term is given and there is a method of determining the nth term by using the terms that precede it. Alternate Sequence Notation Alternate Sequence Notation Sometimes it is more convenient to begin numbering the term of a sequence with a number other than 1, such as 0 or 4. u0 , u1 , u2 ,... Joke Time Joke Time How many sides are there to a circle? 2 – inside and outside Why did the geometry teacher Why did the geometry teacher leave early on a trip? To catch a plane ...
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