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2.1 Solving Equations Graphically

2.1 Solving Equations Graphically - Solving Equations...

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Unformatted text preview: Solving Equations Graphically Graphically Section 2.1 Intersection Method Intersection 1. Graph y1 = f ( x) and y2 = g ( x) on the Graph same screen. 2. Find the x-coordinate of each point 2. Find of intersection. of Zeros, x-intercepts, solutions, roots roots If r is a real number and any one of the following statements are true, then all are true. true. r is a zero of the function f. zero r is an x-intercept of the graph of f. f. x = r is a solution, or root, of the equation solution or root of f(x) = 0. f(x) X-intercept Method X-intercept 1. Write the equation in the equivalent form Write f(x) = 0. f(x) 2. Graph y = f(x). Graph f(x). 3. Find the x-intercepts of the graph. The xFind -intercepts iintercepts of the graph are the real ntercepts solutions of the equation. solutions Joke Time Joke What is Beethoven doing in What his grave? his De-composing Why does a lobster never share? share? Because it’s shellfish! ...
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