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Getting to know GT #1 I have attended a meeting of KCCC, Korean Campus Crusade for Christ. It is a little bit weird because I am neither a Korean nor a Christian, but the truth is when I walked around the student center, a Korean girl thought me as a Korean and told me everything about KCCC, like the meeting, the orientation, the prayer night, etc. Therefore, I think it is interesting for me to go to that meeting on August 24 th . It is not a serious meeting actually, because after some basic introduction about KCCC, which did not last long, people just chatted there and had free pizzas. Although I am not from Korea and can hardly understand what they were talking about, I did talk to
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Unformatted text preview: another Korean girl named Emily about Korea, China,(I'm from China.) life in Georgia Tech, and things about Christian. Also, at that day, the names of the officers are Alvin Lam and Yumy Lee. On Thursday, August 25 th , I went to the open chapel orientation of KCCC, and the officer talked more in depth about what The KCCC's ministry consists of and their activities. I think it is good for me since I have learned something about Korea and about Christian, also it is good for me to make some Korean friends. I think I will go to church with them sometime. Qun Cheng [email protected]..
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