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Getting to Know GT #2 On September 22 th , I went to visit my POL1101 professor, Daniel Matisoff. Since I have POL class at 12:05-1:25pm, the day before the class, I made an appointment with him through email, written as “Hi Professor Daniel, my name is Qun Cheng, and I’m one of your students in POL1101 at 12:05-1:25pm on T/R. After one month study, I find myself having difficulties in this course learning. So can I come by to your office at your office hours to talk to you? (But I don’t know how much time exactly I will spend.) Thanks.” He replied and told me I can talk to him right after class in the classroom or in his office. During that day class, professor Daniel told us the first mid-term exam has been processed and all students would see their results on T-square, but if somebody want to see him or her exam page, he or she must came to his office and he would show the student the exam sheet and the key. After class, I went to professor Daniel’s office, DM Smith 308, and waited for about
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