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Getting to Know GT #3 - Qun Cheng

Getting to Know GT #3 - Qun Cheng - Getting to Know GT#3...

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Getting to Know GT #3 Qun Cheng On October 29, 2011, I participated in one of the Georgia Tech traditions --- the Freshman Cake Race. Sponsored by the Ramblin’ Reck Club, the Freshman Cake Race is a foot race from the Russ Chandler Stadium to Bobby Dodd Stadium that takes place before sunrise (6:00am). The competitors are supposed to be freshmen and the race is split up by gender. The official distance for the race is about a one-half mile and cupcakes will be awarded to the participants. Also, the winner will receive a cake will receive a cake baked by faculty and a kiss from Mr. or Ms. Georgia Tech at the homecoming half-time show. I was not thinking about going to that race actually, but on that morning, when I woke up, the time was just suit for the race, so I jumped off my bed and went to Britain after a shower. There were huge amounts of people (Americans really love outdoor activities! I do not think there will be more than 10 people in a 6:00-running activity in Chinese college.). However, the whole race was
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