GT1000 Fall 11syllabusAugust12b-1

GT1000 Fall 11syllabusAugust12b-1 - GT 1000 MAT Freshman...

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GT 1000 MAT: Freshman Seminar: Adjustment to College Life Fall 2011 Meeting time and place: 10:05 – 10:55 Wednesdays, CULC 123. Instructors: Ms. Justine Chasmar [email protected] Phone: 404-385-0041 Office: Clough Commons, Center for Academic Success Suite 283 Office hours: by appointment Dr. Enid Steinbart [email protected] Phone: 404-385-0971 Office: Skiles, Room 218C Office hours: T 1:30 – 2:30, W 1-2 or by appointment Team Leaders: Julian Cheung, [email protected] Kathryn Daniel, [email protected] Rachel Sundry, [email protected] Steven Wojcio, [email protected] Required Materials: Course Text (available at the GT Bookstore in Tech Square): GT1000: The Freshman Seminar (2011-2012 edition.). Gordon, Minnick, Girardot, Ellis, Andreatta, Staley: Cengage Learning. Academic Planner – either a monthly or weekly planner of your choice 2011 - 2012 Career Services Career Planner – provided in class (no cost) Optional Reading: Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches to Changed the World We will not be using this book as part of the GT 1000MAT class. Campus events and discussions are scheduled related to the reading of this book. Course Introduction : We welcome you to this freshman seminar course, designed to help you make a successful transition to college by becoming better acquainted with the academic and
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social environments here at Georgia Tech. Through the course, you will acquire strategies that promote academic, social, and professional success. Course Objectives : This is a highly interactive course that requires active participation from all students and collaborative work. Most of the course topics revolve around the following areas: Learning more about yourself – you interests, strengths, learning style, goals Learning about your chosen major or career interests Learning more about people, activities, and involvement opportunities in the School of Mathematics community Learning about involvement and leadership development activities Learning about reaching your goals through: o Effective time management skills o Resume/cover letter creation o Tapping into the resources available to you at Georgia Tech After successfully completing the course, you will be able to: 1. Manage the Georgia Tech environment in ways that support academic and personal success and involvement; 2. Develop a sense of what it means to learn at Georgia Tech and create a list of resources to support your learning process; 3. Develop, plan, and begin to implement effective time management skills; 4. Develop a personal study strategy based on a learning survey; 5. Write reflectively on topics related to your college major and first college experiences; 6. Identify team member roles and participate as an effective member of a team; 7. Describe the required skills, daily activities, current and future state (growth potential), and salary potential of the major/career you have selected;
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GT1000 Fall 11syllabusAugust12b-1 - GT 1000 MAT Freshman...

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