Journal 1 assignment - Qun Cheng

Journal 1 assignment - Qun Cheng - My name is Cheng Qun and...

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My name is Cheng Qun and I'm from Beijing, China. Actually, I was not born in Beijing, but I spent 6 years in Beijing for my junior and senior high school study. My grandparents raise me up in Tangshan, my hometown, and my father and mother both worked as engineers in two different German companies in Beijing. When I was in primary school, my mother would come to see me at every weekend and take a train back to work on Monday morning. That six years were truly exhausting for my mom and I really appreciated for those years. I think the reasons that why I came to Beijing are that my parents' jobs and the education in Beijing is more excellent and flexible than that in Tangshan. Also, I think the first reason that why I came to Georgia Tech is the more outstanding professors and stronger academic atmosphere in Georgia Tech than in China. I liked to hang out with my friends, play Chinese chess and basketball in primary school. However, at the first few weeks when I came to Beijing for my junior high school study, I became shy and did not talk to people much because of my accent. Luckily, I enrolled in a great school and all my classmates were friendly to me. After few weeks for adapt to the new environment, I got my confidence back and became more easygoing. I think it is an opportunity rather than a difficulty for somebody to study and live in an new environment because he or she can really learn things about how to communicate with people, how to meet strangers, how to get rid of the sense of insecure and how to gain belongingness in a unknown place. I think that is the
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2011 for the course MATHEMATIC Math 101 taught by Professor Davis during the Spring '10 term at Central GA Tech.

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Journal 1 assignment - Qun Cheng - My name is Cheng Qun and...

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