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Journal Assignment #2 - Qun Cheng

Journal Assignment #2 - Qun Cheng - Journal Assignment#2...

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Journal Assignment #2 Qun Cheng Having lived in Georgia Tech for 2 months, I have been quite familiar with the Georgia Tech community. The most beneficial community for me is the group in GT1000, English 1101, and Politics 1101. Unfortunately, I have to say that from the Chinese high school education background, I seldom did group project or group research with partners in some specific course learning. The more common tool to study from elementary school to senior high school is self-study in China. The type of homework is always individual and the final score is only based on the mid-term exam and final exam without group projects and essays. However, in America, students will do a bunch of group projects to enhance their cooperation skills, which I find very useful for me. In my POL1101 class, professor Daniel categories us into several groups to make a group essay to illustrate some specific point associated with American politics, like education, transportation, humanization, etc. Students can choose their interest and
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