group project - Civil infrastructure projects, including...

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Civil infrastructure projects, including improving civil bridges, are often large-scale investments undertaken to improve the quality of life for entire communities. Whether it is a new water treatment plant, dam, road, bridge, airport or transit system, the delivery of these projects are always under the watchful eye of the public and the interest groups. This article is forcing on how interest groups might be impacted by improving civil bridges. An interest group, also called and advocacy group, lobbying group, is a group, however loosely or tightly organized, that is determined to encourage or prevent changes in public policy without trying to be elected. It is an organization of people with shared ideas and attitudes who attempt to influence public policy. In American political system, interest groups are categorized into seven most common types. Economic groups. Certainly the largest category, economic interest groups include organizations that represent big business, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), as well as big labor – the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization(AFL-CIO) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, for example. Although there is not a business interest group forcing on civil bridges only, as for groups with a primarily economic focus, they will support improving civil bridges if they can benefit from an advocate transit system. For instance, the National Association of Home Builders,
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group project - Civil infrastructure projects, including...

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