Matisoff_Practice_Ex - Matisoff Sample Exam Exam1 1 Which of the following is the most prominent good or service provided by the U.S government as

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Matisoff Sample Exam Exam1 1. Which of the following is the most prominent good or service provided by the U.S. government, as measured by % of GDP? a. National defense b. Health care c. Social Security d. Regulation 2. Which of the following is most accurate, regarding the political-economic systems of western states: a. Western states are strictly capitalistic b. The U.S. is strictly capitalistic, while the EU is largely socialistic c. Western states all fall somewhere between capitalism and socialism d. Western states fall somewhere between libertarianism and capitalism 3. Which of the following describes why the Theory of the Democratic Peace may exist? a. Countries that trade together are less likely to make war b. Countries that are democracies are more likely to see each other as having similar values, and are less likely to want to fight each other c. Democracy is likely to encourage liberal values such as free speech, free press, and free trade which make war less likely d. All of the above 4. What does the fundamental role of government in regulation refer to? a. promotion of equality for individual rights b. protection of civil liberties c. provision of a legal system d. setting the rules of private production 5. Oligarchy argues that political power is: a. concentrated with several wealthy individuals b. concentrated in the highly educated intellectual elites c. concentrated in many special interests d. distributed across a democratic government 6. Which of the following theories of power argues that power is a struggle between the capitalists and the working class? a. oligarchy b. elitism c. Marxism d. the theory of Bureaucratic power
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7. The idea that government responds to and reflects the will of the people reflects what model of democracy? a. the majoritarian model of democracy b. the pluralist model of democracy c. the procedural model of democracy (how to vote) d. the substantive model of democracy (the outcome) 8. Charles Lindblom argues, in “Politics and Markets” that: a. Our political system and our economic system are independent, protecting the role of democracy b. The structure of governance in the United States has led to government favoring the role of business, rather than the rights of individuals c. Wal-mart has undue influence on government d. Interest groups tug at policy from all sides, adequately representing citizen interests 9. Which of the following is NOT a power of Congress to check the power of the judiciary or the President? a. the power to pass laws overriding executive orders b. the power to provide / withhold financing regarding the implementation of laws c. the ability to appoint judges (President) d. the ability to change the jurisdiction and number of the lower courts 10. Which was NOT a characteristic of individual liberties and the U.S. Constitution?
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Matisoff_Practice_Ex - Matisoff Sample Exam Exam1 1 Which of the following is the most prominent good or service provided by the U.S government as

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