English 1101 - Transportation

English 1101 - Transportation - nonviolent resistance...

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On <emma>, go to Projects>Permissions>Shared Documents>Pre-Write and open the “Student/Instructor Agreement” eDoc. Click on “SAVE AS” to create a new eDoc titled “[Your Name's] Agreement.” Categorize it as Permissions, Final, Access: Private. Read, fill out, and submit your agreement electronically by Friday, September 2. Ethos --- credibility of the communicator/author - morals, values up to date, reference to training/education/experience(work or personal) Logos --- logic --- facts, opinions of the community(surveys), data, consequence, effects based on objective, Pathos --- morals,values,beliefs, emotions, aesthetic appreciation/sense of beauty, sentiments "Our Struggle"(King) logos civil rights are emotional reasoning with a white audience/black audience shift in mentality nurtured by the montgomery Bus Boycott
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Unformatted text preview: nonviolent resistance requires keeping emotions in check Freedom Riders film pathos music/photo expression of pain, loss, suffering, anger, rage,violence empathy sympathy (film holds important figures appeal to ethos) Posts on Kaitlyn Whiteside ethos impact of personas/figures 40 students diverse perspectives, college educated Geootection of air water, land built environment servancy Why care about transportation? pr ted highway represents town’s belief that cars will bring progress. Need to make ‘green’ cars more practical, more affordable. Cars = democracy, freedom for all Framework: transportation infrastructure (building / land use change, framework remains) www.georgiaconservancy.org Elevar gi a Con Individualism – car reflects personality, sense of control, independence...
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English 1101 - Transportation - nonviolent resistance...

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