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On <emma>, go to Projects>Permissions>Shared Documents>Pre-Write and open the Student/Instructor Agreement eDoc. Click on SAVE AS to create a new eDoc titled [Your Name's] Agreement. Categorize it as Permissions, Final, Access: Private. Read, fill out, and submit your agreement electronically by Friday, September 2. Ethos --- credibilityof the communicator/author - morals,values up to date, reference to training/education/experiencee(work or personal) Logos --- logic --- facts, opinions of the community(surveys), data, consequence, effects based on objective, Pathos --- morals,values,beliefs, emotions, aesthetic appreciation/sense of beauty, sentiments
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Unformatted text preview: "Our Struggle"(King) logos civil rights are emotional reasoning with a white audience/black audience shift in mentality nurtured by the montgomery Bus Boycott nonviolent resistence requires keeping emotions in check Freedom Riders film pathos music/photo expression of pain, loss, suffering, anger, rage,violence empathy sympathy (film holds important figures appeal to ethos) Posts on Kaitlyn Whiteside ethos impact of personas/figures 40 students diverse perspetives, college educated...
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