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Introduction “Students for progressive transit”, also known as SfPT, is a transit advocacy organization for students. To promote awareness of alternative transportation choices, SfPT is committed to helping bring about comprehensive advancement to personal and public transportation in Georgia Tech and throughout Atlanta region. Related to SfPT, our project is to make a website about SfPT, through education and active participation with regards to transportation issues that affects the students and local community. We publish links to forums and homepages of other transit organizations
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Unformatted text preview: in Atlanta, ‘face sheet’ on the Transportation Investment Act and pending referendum, latest news, including transit-related meetings, in-depth analysis of improvement of transit by professors and experts, public opinions and ideas. Through this website, we are going to accomplish to help SfPT reach more people and provide easy-to-understand resources for transit-related happenings in Atlanta, especially in Georgia Tech....
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