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progress report assignment - I remade Bryce’s first draft...

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I worked as writer/researcher in the SfPT group at first and wrote the introduction part of our proposal. Also, as a researcher, I went to a meeting hold by Amy, one of the counselors of SfPT, and came to suggestions about how the website should look like. However, since Chris, our graphic designer, was out of our group, and we need a lot of graphic design works in making a website, my position changed from the writer to the graphic design. Firstly, I worked with Bryce, the graphic designer of Edward’s group, to design the main six hexagon logos mentioned in the proposal of our SfPT webpage. Specifically,
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Unformatted text preview: I remade Bryce’s first draft into Photoshop file and changed the GT logo, the position of some logos and the font of the “SfPT”. Also, since a cool banner on the top of the webpage will attract students’ attention to this website, I designed the banner and the buttons in an attracting way which is most satisfying in my work. It is the most difficult part simultaneously because I have not used Photoshop for months, but it is really encouraging when I picked up my old skills. In the next three weeks, I will do my best to create the website more attractive....
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