Proposal 1.1 - Qun Cheng Engl 1101(Dr. Curtright): SfPT...

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Qun Cheng Engl 1101(Dr. Curtright): SfPT Group 248, CLUC, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States of America. 30332. [This is temporary] [Pick the date] Students for Progressive Transit Website Design Proposal [Street Address] [City, ST ZIP Code] Dear [Recipient Name]: INTRODUCTION Students for Progressive Transit (SfPT) a daughter unit of Citizens for Progressive Transit (CfPT) is committed to support and encourage Public Transport in Georgia Tech campus and Atlanta. As indicated during our meeting SfPT needs a ‘voice’ on the Internet. As per the requirements mentioned in the template our group proposes to make a website which shall contain a News feed, a calendar, Information on Transportation Investment Act and various other Transit related topics in an interesting way. It shall also, as required, have a sign up page and a safe link where one can give donations. As we know the by the “Students” for the students (and a general crowd too) group, the website will stay true to its Old Gold and White colors while maintaining a professional public image. CURRENT SITUATION CURRENTLY, THE SFPT GROUP HAS LITTLE VISIBILITY ON CAMPUS. WITH SO MANY STUDENT GROUPS ON CAMPUS, IT IS QUITE DIFFICULT FOR A SMALL GROUP TO REACH OUT TO THE STUDENT BODY FOR NEW MEMBERS AMIDST THE FLOOD OF OTHER COMPETING RECRUITERS. WITH THE INTERNET BEING SO PREVALENT IN TODAY'S SOCIETY, AND WITH THE SOLUTIONS GEORGIA TECH OFFERS ITS STUDENT GROUPWE UNDERSTAND THAT AN EFFECTIVE WEBSITE CAN TRULY MAKE OR BREAK A SMALLER GROUP. WHILE SFPT DOES HAVE A WEBSITE TO CALL THEIR OWN, IT IS DIFFICULT TO FIND AND A CHORE TO GLEAN INFORMATION FROM. THE BASIC, UNSTYLED HTML CODE HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR YEARS AND IT DOES NOT CONTAIN RELEVENT INFORMATION TO THE GROUP AS IT STANDS TODAY. BY GIVING THE ENTIRE WEBSITE A FULL OVERHAUL THE GROUP WOULD HAVE A VERY VISIBLE, VERY POTENT RECRUITING TOOL THAT WOULD ALLOW POTENTIAL MEMBERS TO BROWSE
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Proposal 1.1 - Qun Cheng Engl 1101(Dr. Curtright): SfPT...

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