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UKFF3313 Strategic Financial Management (May 2011) 1 UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FACULTY OF ACCOUNTANCY AND MANAGEMENT ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING (HONS) BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS (HONS) GLOBAL ECONOMICS YEAR 3 TRIMESTER 2 ASSIGNMENT (Question) This is a group assignment, which will consist of a maximum of five students. The assignment must be: Typewritten (Times New Roman – font size 12) Printed on A4 sized paper Such that is contains: - Cover page - Table for assessment and marks allocation - Table of content - Bibliography - Appendix Mode of referencing: Students are advised to incorporate proper academic modes of referencing. The normally acceptable mode of academic referencing is the American Psychological Association (APA) system Each group will submit the group assignment by Monday , 25 July 2011 , before 12.00 pm Both questions to be attempted. Question 1 : The evolution of financial derivative instruments means that each new derivative is an improvement on its predecessor. Assume that you are a consultant to a Multinational Company and that the management of the company concerned has approached you to provide advice on the following: a) What constitute the four categories of derivative instruments? 2 marks b) What is(are) the characteristic(s) of each category of derivative instrument? 12 marks c) What is(are) the operational advantage(s) of each category of derivative instrument? 20 marks You are to provide your answer in a Memorandum format 2 marks
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UKFF3313 Strategic Financial Management (May 2011) 2 This question serves to test students on their appreciation of the different types of basic derivative financial instruments that exist, the characteristics of each derivative instrument, and the advantages / disadvantages of each derivative instrument concerned. Question 2 : South Business Co. – Foreign Direct Investment This case is intended to illustrate that the value of an international project is sensitive to various types of input. It is also intended to show how a computer spreadsheet format can facilitate capital budgeting decisions that involve uncertainty. This case can be performed using an electronic spreadsheet such as Excel. The use of a computer spreadsheet will significantly reduce the time needed to complete this case. All workings and computer printouts to be included the appendices of the assignment South Business Co is considering establishing a subsidiary to manufacture clothing in Singapore. Its sales would be invoiced in Singapore dollars (S$). It has forecasted net cash flows of the
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58668009-Assignment-May2011-a - UKFF3313 Strategic...

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