March 10 - amount of nutrients without an established RDA...

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March 10, 2010 Nutrition Discussion 1 Discretional calories Calories that you don’t need to meet nutritional requirements High calorie foods High fat/high sugar food Not oils Processed meats have a content to it Anything with added sugars to it Jellies/jams – mostly discretional, little fruit The Dietary Reference intakes (RI) Established Nutrient Recommendations o Set of nutrient intake values for healthy people in the US and Canada o Apply to average daily intakes o Used for planning and assessing diets o Can be adjusted by RDs – changes by gender and age o Achieve by eating a variety of foods o Each ERI groups has a unique purpose o Estimated Average Requirement Estimated Average Intake - Average amount of nutrient you need to do the function. 50% of the population will have this Recommended dietary allowances – the value you would compare your amount to. It takes care of 98% of the populations nutrient requirement Adequate intake – some nutrients are so vital you have to have a certain
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Unformatted text preview: amount of nutrients without an established RDA • Calcium has an AI not an RDA Upper intake – if you go too high you may have a risk of toxicity • Establishing energy recommendations o Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution range – helpful in stopping chronic diseases o Estimated daily amount of energy Homework #3 • Evaluate diet for food groups • Evaluate diet for energy • Use o Do day 1, save print then do following day 2 o Save and analyze Get print outs of first three printouts • Give two foods you would add or decrease from your diet and explain • Percentage for carbs, proteins and fats • 1g protein gives you 4 kilocalories • How much saturated fat you intake • Fiber is directly given • Find out percent from alcohol o 1can of beer or 1 glass of wine or 1 shot = 12g of alcohol Case Study in class • What is wrong with fiber • How would you improve fiber...
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March 10 - amount of nutrients without an established RDA...

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