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nutrition 3 - Elizabeth Merlino Nutrition 130 3A I need to...

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Elizabeth Merlino Nutrition 130 March 28, 2010 3A. I need to eat less grain. On day two I ate over double the recommended allotment. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and I need to eat less dairy. I had so much due to cheese sticks and milk. I also need to eat more meat and beans. 3B. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables. This would increase the amount that I needed to eat and by eating fruits and vegetables instead of cheese sticks all day, I would be able to decrease my intake of dairy every day. Also, by drinking more water instead of milk, I would be able to decrease the amount of dairy in my diet. Another food I need to eat more of is meat. I need to up my intake of protein. I could do this by ordering burritos with beans in them. The burritos would also satisfy my vegetables. 1. The two days that I recorded were very different. One day I had time to go get all my meals, so my intake was much higher that day one. Most levels on day one were under what I needed and most levels that I in took on day two were much higher than what I needed. My protein was
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