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ec psych halloween costume

ec psych halloween costume - My Halloween Costume This year...

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October 28, 2009 My Halloween Costume This year for Halloween I chose to be a twin. My friend Amina, from back home, and I decided to do this because the nature and nurture study interested us. Our birthdays are also 2 days apart, and we’re both geminis. For our costumes we decided to wear the same clothing. Since we don’t have the same clothing we picked what we could from out wardrobe that would be the most similar. We are very alike in real life, so we both wore our athletic sneakers. We’re both athletes so we even have a similar builds, even though I run and she swims. I cannot swim, I sink, and Amina can’t run for her life. This part of our costume show’s differences in twins. My grandmother is the reason I am so interested in twins. I’ve always wanted to have twins of my own. My chances are higher seeing how it’s in my genes. My mother was one of a pair of identical twins. Her brother and sister were fraternal twins, but then my oldest aunt on that side was a single child. Another theory was that my mom and my aunt were originally triplets. My
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