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AD07 - characteristics that define them as human now but...

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AD07 Josh Moulton October 22, 2009 Sumner makes a good argument. He has very valid points to support his argument against abortion. In the beginning he also talks about the other side. He shows what the other side would say, but then has a pro-life reason on why it would be considered wrong. Sumner talks about definitions too, which help make his argument. He defines what it means to “have a life”. He talks about what “ethics” are and how we shouldn’t raise ourselves over other things. Sumner talks about what it means to have a life, and he this leads to what deserves to have a chance at life. He brings up how we consider things to be human by a few characteristics, but the problem with this is that babies can’t have all of these characteristics. So would this mean that they shouldn’t have a right to life? He then goes to talk about how unborn babies are just like born babies. Even from when they are just a zygote, they may not have all these certain
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics that define them as human now, but eventually they will. This was one of his arguments to support his pro-life choice. Another was why we rank ourselves about everything else. We put ourselves above animals and rocks and all of these inanimate things. Why do we rank ourselves above everything? Why are we better than any of these things? How are we better than animals? This question leads to why do we rank ourselves, fully developed humans, over babies and over zygotes/unborn babies? Sumner makes very good and legitimate points. Many of these questions bring out what Sumner thinks to be the truth. Sumner brings in many different points of view to make this argument work, but they all relate to each other. They build off of one another to make this argument a valid one....
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