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AD074 - AD07 Josh Moulton The Child Support Objection...

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AD07 Josh Moulton The Child Support Objection Boonin first talks about child support and how many men are pulled into paying child support because the woman decided to have the child when they used precaution because a child was not wanted. After Boonin talks about how mothers who leave families are required to pay support because they are walking out on a responsibility. Subsequently Boonin talks about how the government gets involved. He explains how the government requires both men and women to pay child support but how they have to physically work, but if the child were sick all the parents would have to do would pay for treatment. It wouldn’t be necessary for bone marrow to be given. The problem that he brings up is religion. Many women don’t believe in abortion so it’s not an option even though it is a right. He talks about how it ultimately is the woman’s choice on whether to keep the child or not. Even if the man didn’t want a child, and doesn’t want to have to pay support, he will have to because of the woman.
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