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AD07 Josh Moulton October 7, 2009 Rawls originally talks about our rights and freedoms. He talks about how our rights shouldn’t be violated, and eventually he starts talking about how the veil of ignorance shouldn’t ever happen because it goes against all out rights. He supports this by defining justification and by giving examples about poor and rich men and their taxes. He believes just because one man may be richer, he shouldn’t have to pay more because he has worked for that money. Rawls believes in equal rights to everyone. He believes that veails of ignorance being put on us are a violation of our rights. He believes that we should be able to access all information. It shouldn’t matter who we are because by making some information only available to certain people is unfair and makes a bias. Everyone has a right to see the information. There is no reason
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Unformatted text preview: to make a bias becase when you make a bias you are making some people seem better than other people. He talks about justifications and how everyone should be treated equal. And if everyone should be treated equal then why would you make a bias. Rawls makes a good point. The argument is a good argument. He says everything should be just, and then defines justice. By defining justice he supports his first claim. Then by supporting his first claim of everyone having justice he shows how that means our rights shouldn’t be violated and since our rights should never be violated then using a veil of ignorance on us is going against our rights and there for the veil of ignorance is unjust....
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