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AD07 Josh Moulton Hales on Abortion Hales has a very good argument on abortion. He talks about how abortion is a woman’s right. If women have that right, then should men? Hales also brings into question, should the male have a say? He discusses how men and women each had a chance in the creation of this fetus, so should men have a right in the decision on whether to abort it or not. Hales makes a very good argument. Do men have the right to have an abortion? Some would say no because the men are not the ones who go through 9 months of pregnancy. They cannot have children on their own. They need a woman to physically create one. On the same point, women need a man to become pregnant. This is where another one of Hales points comes into the question? When the two decided to have sex, they both knew there was a chance of a pregnancy. Since they shared 50% of the chance, shouldn’t they share 50% of the decision on whether or not to have an abortion? This is where the big question still remains. The men know
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Unformatted text preview: what could possible happen. Today, men have no say in what the final outcome is. They just have to “buckle up and go for the ride”, because they don’t have a choice. They can either do that or ditch. If they don’t want to have the child and the woman does, it still comes down to the woman’s decision. Even if they want to keep the child, if the woman doesn’t want to have to endure the nine months of pregnancy, then she doesn’t have to. She can get rid of it and then the male won’t have a child. Hale makes a very good argument. He has very good points and they bring up more questions. This situation is just not a fortunate situation for anyone. No matter which way it ends up, someone isn’t happy. Unless both decide to keep the child or both decide to have an abortion. Unless that happens, then the male has an unfortunate situation on his hands....
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