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ADO7 November 12, 2009 Josh Moulton In this article, Robert Amdur talks about who should pay after injustice is don’t. He said in his first point that after injustice is made, the perpetrator of the injustice should pay those who were hurt by the injustice for compensation. Then Amdur says that if that person cannot pay, then the group that benefits by the injustice should have to pay, and finally if that group can’t pay then the injustice compensation should be spread amongst the commonwealth. This argument is neither a sound nor valid argument. The argument doesn’t have good structure to explain why the order should be paid in this way. There is no link between who should pay and doesn’t make any sense. Another problem is that this argument can be argued on every point and each premise is invalid. The first premise makes sense, however the second does not. Some people may benefit
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Unformatted text preview: from the injustice, but that doesn’t mean they should have to pay. They may not have known about the injustice and they may not have wanted to have taken a part in this injustice. For example, if a boy were to steal a loaf of bread during WWII for his family to eat at supper and he was caught and punishment were to be given, the family, even though they were to benefit from the bread, shouldn’t be punished for relieving the stolen bread. They didn’t know that letting the boy out to go buy food would end up allowing him to steal more food. The third premise doesn’t make any sense. If an injustice is done then the compensation will come from the community. The community did nothing to deserve a punishment. They shouldn’t have to pay compensation at all. Since the premises are wrong they cannot work for this argument....
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