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AD07 Josh Moulton A Defense of Abortion This is a very well written argument. Thompson does a good job by showing both points of the argument. Thompson’s main point is that in each situation about abortion, it all boils down to the fact that says it depends on what that person believes. It all depends on whether that person believes that the embryo is a person or not. Thompson first talks about what a person decides is a human life. At what point is a fetus a person? What makes a fetus different from the cells of a plant. People cut plants down and have no problem. Thompson talks scientifically about when during a woman’s pregnancy does the fetus generate the characteristics of a human. Also after this, rape is brought into the question. If a woman is raped, should she really have to suffer through 9 months of labor with a bastard child that she didn’t want? This woman wasn’t
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Unformatted text preview: asked to be impregnated. She was forced to. It now comes down to the beliefs of the woman. If she is prochoice then there is a chance that she would have an abortion. However if she were to be prolife should she really believe that she has to have this child? She had no say in the creation of this child. Then this question again boils down to, what defines a fetus? How are we to know what the difference between a fetus and a clump of cells is? This question still isn’t known. Today, there are major arguments about this topic. Each situation is different. That is why Thompson talks about so many different situations. In each type of situation, so many variables can change that can make the outcome sway from answer to another....
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