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Assignment 1: Some Basic Points about Arguments In this article, James Rachels talks about how an argument is formed, and if an argument is a good argument or not and about Moral skepticism. He then goes into further detail and explains morals and brings in cultural and beliefs that people have initially. I would like to focus more on the Moral Skepticism. Rachels talks about how there is a scientific factor involved, but how because there are so many cultures that there is no one truth. As Americans, we believe that we are more education and knowledgeable than the rest of the world. The beliefs that we have vary. When we see lower class societies killing and doing other activities that we believe are inhumane, they at the same time look at us and think that we are insane. There is a large cultural diversity. There are so many beliefs. Why should the rest of the world stop believing in what they believe in and change their morals? Moral Skepticism, which Rachels doesn’t believe to be true, is true. There is no way to know the absolute truth. Every one grows up under different
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