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AD07 Josh Moulton A Theory of Justice Rawls wrote about justice. The argument was about valuing liberty. It was a certain type of liberty though. Not the liberty from war heros. He talked about the liberty from average people. Rawls then broke down this group of people in to three groups. There are the maximizers, the maximax, and maximiners. He discussed how people fall into these categories. The maximixer is the optimist. The maximiner is a pessimist. And a maximax is a mid way down the line type of guy. It’s more of a realist. The structure of this argument is very strong. There are very good examples that make you think about what is really happening. It talks about putting your own liberties on the line. It gives examples that include math and probability. It is a very convincing argument. It is factual and
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Unformatted text preview: sound. By dividing the group of all average people into the three groups made more sense. Each example showed how liberties were optional and that every group had the liberty to choose what they wanted. The three groups just showed the more common trends in choices. The maximisers, being more optimistic, chose to take more of a chance. They had the liberty to take a risk. So did the other groups, but the maximiners would have chosen not to take chances. I thought the argument was a good argument. When the hypothetical situations were put it, the theory was explained more to me. It made more sense to put the theories into context. It explained the liberties as the rights that you have, not just the liberty that you’d find an old war hero talking about. The argument was a sound argument, and factive....
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