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Across the Universe Movie Review The movie, Across the Universe , was a very useful movie. When learning about the ‘60s, you hear about all the different things going on, such as, racial discrimination, the war in Vietnam, politics and so on. It isn’t hard to picture what each part, such as discrimination, was like, but this movie really puts how people were living and feeling into perspective making this a great movie. When watching this movie, there were short clips that were thrown in, and at first, you wouldn’t understand what was going on, but after a while, everything made perfect sense. For example, racial hatred was shown in the movie. There was a war scene that was intertwined into the movie. A Little African American boy was hiding behind a car singing, in a very innocent tone, while cops are brutally beating up his friends and family around him. A few scenes later, during a sad moment, it goes right to his funeral and shows him lying in the casket. I did notice the boy was breathing in the casket, but it was still a very moving scene. You knew the boy was
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