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Feinberg lecture - Feinberg Lecture The lecture that I went...

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November 30, 2010 Feinberg Lecture The lecture that I went to was the one regarding black power and the Olympics. I really enjoyed this lecture. Amy Bass was a very good speaker and kept me interested the whole time. I have an interest in track since I did it for so long in high school. So it is understood that being on a podium and making a statement like Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos was very important. Also I learned about herself and how she was important during that time and taught me about the massacre during the Olympics. The lecture was very interesting and very informative and taught me so much that I didn’t know, but am now glad that I do know. Juan Carlos and Tommie Smith were two very important figures during this time. They were both track stars that received medals in their events and made a huge impression upon the rest of the world. When they received the awards they put on gloves and raised their hands and lowered their heads. This caused a lot of controversy but it also brought a lot of attention to the
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