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movie 3 - better conditions so they change their working...

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Elizabeth Merlino 24065531 October 26, 2011 Natalia Glebov Just as Whitney Tilson, “Social Categories such as gender, race, and class are use to establish and maintain a particular kind of social order.” Even though we may not want this statement to be true, research has shown that it is. In the movie A Right Denied, the facts show education is denied to inner city schools because of the demographic difference. Each demographic has different fiscal situations. Wealthier towns are able to put more money towards the education systems while poor inner city schools use their money to stop violence and other issues. Unfortunately, this is a cycle that is hard to break. The more qualified teachers chose to work in better towns with better wages and benefits. New teachers, just out of college, are placed into inner-city schools where recourses and wages are not as great compared to wealthier towns. As these young teachers gain experience and work their way up in that school system, they can then chose where they would like to work. Most teachers chose to work in
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Unformatted text preview: better conditions, so they change their working environment to do so. When children in inner-city schools have this constant changing of professors, learning becomes disadvantaged. Sometimes, new teachers work in a classroom for about a few months and then move on. The children in these classes have to teach themselves because the teachers are constantly coming and going. This ends up leaving the students at lower literacy levels. When they take state wide exams, such as the MCAS or SATs, they do not perform as well compared to students from rich towns. It would be ideal to say that money unequal money distribution does not make an impact on education. It would be ideal to say that constant changing of teachers does not affect the student ability to learn, but when it comes down to the facts, it does. The Structural inequalities do determine the quality of the public school and impact your future....
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movie 3 - better conditions so they change their working...

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