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Elizabeth Merlino November 2, 2011 Movie #4 Crips and Bloods Human nature is to rank yourself among everyone around you. Race is used as a defining characteristic to which social group you belong in. Race also determines what success you will be able to achieve. One of the points that stuck out to me in the movie was that the blacks were not ever considered to be a threat because they were in the lower social group. Blacks were considered to be a lower social group compared to whites. They lived in the same area, called the “slums”. They had their own way of talking and what seemed to be their own culture. Compared to the white society, they were considered to be less intelligent and harmless like a bunch of flies. That is one reason why the whites felt it was okay to hold supremacy over the blacks. They were not worried that the blacks would ever have an uprising
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Unformatted text preview: against them. When the blacks had a planned uprising revolt against the whites, the white culture was in shock. They did not think that they would ever know how to go about planning guerilla war fare and organized missions. The reaction of the country was outrage. National Guard was sent in to deal with the problem because they didnt realize how strong their forces would be, however the national guard was not trained on how to deal with civilians so their response was inappropriate. The reaction of the country proved that they all believed that the crips and bloods crimes were not capable of the chaos that they caused. All of America was scared because their beliefs about their cultures being so different, and that they were superior, were shattered....
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