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October 4 , 2011 Hidden Curriculum Paper Why is hidden curriculum so important? Hidden curriculum is a very important but unspoken aspect to the education of children of all ages . Hidden curriculum is defined by the information that is learned, but not taught. Hidden curriculum is not math , science, and English. Hidden Curriculum would be learning about manners and the unspoken and unwritten rules and lessons that are taught . Learning hidden curriculum can set the student up for different aspects of their lives to come , even throughout different stages of their lives . Even though hidden curriculum is not graded in school it is one of the most influential and important parts of schooling . Hidden Curriculum can start at any age . Normally children start to learn this curriculum when they enter school . This means that they start to learn these rules when they are about 6 and 7 years old . Some students start learning these lessons earlier in life. They are taught not only by teachers , but by parents and peers in the class. The lessons that the students learn can vary. They can be beneficial , but can also be negative. This is why the students also have to learn the curriculum that teaches them to think for themselves . The curriculum also doesn’t have to be taught when they are only 5 to 7 years of age . Sometimes hidden curriculum can be taught throughout schooling and even into secondary schooling when the culture around the student has changed and they have to adapt their life styles to fit . Hidden curriculum , when taught at a young age, is very influential to the rest of the child’s life . It can help define a person’s personality as they grow. When children are very
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young , they are first taught about life lessons from parents. They take on their parents views of different situations and it can be engraved in their memory for a long time . They are taught about
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hc paper - October 4 2011 Hidden Curriculum Paper Why is...

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