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Third Reflection Paper November 9, 2011 Neocolonism and Postcolonism Postcolonism and Neocolonism are very similar but differ in the way that they influence countries after colonizing them. Both theories to colonize influence countries to educate more. These theories are enforced so that the quality of life will raise in the underdeveloped countries. The difference comes in to play when the colonization ends. In post-colonization, the countries become independent and try to regain their culture and integrate it with the new standard of living so that they can keep their heritage. In neocolonism, the country becomes dependent on the country that colonized them. They still have a relationship with their colonizers because they need supplies and such. “Postcolonism has been become associated with diaspora, transnational migration and internationalism, anti-colonialism is often identified exclusively, too exclusively, with a provincial nationalism.” This quote, as said by Young, talks about what post colonialism is. The
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