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Ash falls like gray snow on their lawns and palms

Ash falls like gray snow on their lawns and palms - correct...

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Ash falls like gray snow on their lawns and palms, billows of smoke rise up in the near distance When the first spray of liquid molten lava spews from cracked pavement of Wilshire Blvd, the citizens of L.A. continue to behave as if everything is more or less normal. Many keep rollerblading their way through the park as though they had seen it all before. The only people that are concerned are an obsessive safety inspector (played by Tommie Lee Jones) and a sassy blond biologist (played by Meryl Streep), who are willing to brave the ridicule of their colleages as they argue that this catastrophe is not another day in Los Angeles but a volcano. A volcano erupting right out of the LaBrea tar pits and threatening their existence. It’s a situation comparable of what Pompei experienced centuries ago. In the ninty minuite span, the writers of the film seem intent on pushing every politically
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Unformatted text preview: correct button possible. While burning buildings topple to the ground, a racist white cop befriends a black man from East L.A., a middle class white girl learns to help others, a macho control freak learns to respect women, and an Asian American doctor leaves her selfish WAP partner. Streep, gives Geology 101 lessons, and explains the meaning of fault lines, sulphur deposits, tectonic plates, and aftershocks to leather-faced and sometimes slow-looking Jones. Despite these faults, “The Volcano” is gripping entertainment from start to finish. Its shadows of paranoia contrast beautifully with the suntanned banality of the L.A. scene. If you’ve ever thought of going there for a vacation, this movie will probably change your mind. The only folks who won’t like this family-oriented action film are the staff of the Los Angeles Board of Tourism. I’m sure they are burning up....
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