labyrinth - . The daughter in Pans Labyrinth also fails the...

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Elizabeth Merlino September 21, 2011 English 20 Demeter and pan’s Labyrinth The Greek mythology about Demeter relates very closely to the movie, Pan’s Labyrinth . The movie takes place in a labyrinth that is actually the portal to the underworld . Like Demeter, the kind of the underworld lost their child . Due to such grief, they acted out to quench their grief. In Demeter, the daughter is taken to the underworld and is disguised as a mortal girl . However she eats some pomegranate seeds and is then banished to live in the underworld for a few months every year . This is why we have winter and nothing grows. In Pan’s Labyrinth, the father, the king of the underworld, leaves a bunch of portals open so that his daughter may return . However she must pass 3 tests to see if she is still pure. One of the tests relates very closely to the daughter in the Demeter story
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Unformatted text preview: . The daughter in Pans Labyrinth also fails the test . However the consequences are not as harsh . At first she thinks that she has failed and is left to live with the mortals for the rest of her life, but in the end, she is given a second chance to redeem herself . This was one of the three tasks that she had to do . The movie related to Greek mythology in many more ways . The names and the beliefs that the people had were one of the similarities . There were magical creatures and sacrifices. These things are all in Greek mythology too . If you dont know any Greek mythology, you would have to pay very close attention to Pans Labyrinth, or you could easily get lost . In the end, the similarities between the stories and the movie were very strong and very clever . Both were good to read and watch ....
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labyrinth - . The daughter in Pans Labyrinth also fails the...

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