memoir - Elizabeth Merlino 24065531 Ugh, why are are so...

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Elizabeth Merlino 24065531 “Ugh, why are are so crazy? You’re probably not even big enough to get on that ride,” my sister exclaimed as we walked around the park. As I looked around, the sun was beaming down on all the guests . Everyone was happy as we walked down the twisting and very confusing vine like roads . My father stopped to pull out a map as my mom held onto my brother’s hand. My brother, Nick, only 7 at the time, had a tendency to bust out into a sprint and leave us all behind . He’s a short and scrawny boy with a head that looked like a watermelon on top of a toothpick body . Nick stood next to my sister Kierstin. She was two years behind me but the same height as I was . I wasn’t very tall, only reaching 4’8”. I will always remember being that height when I was in 7 th grade . Everyone else was reaching 5 feet and I was the shortest and smallest kid in my class always being made fun of, being called chicken little all the time . Anyways, my sister was a lot different than I was . I was shy and kept to myself. She was crazy and outgoing and everyone “just loved her .” However, when it came to six flags and all the roller coasters, that’s when the roles reversed . She saw Superman, a massive metal red and blue rollercoaster. It looked at the monster to her . I could understand why when I saw the smoke coming out of the ground winding its way up the metal poles as far up into the sky as we could see. This ride was a new attraction in the park and was a big deal . I looked around, but I seemed to get swallowed up in the crowd. It made me nervous how I couldn’t see over anyone’s heads to see where I was exactly, so I just held on to my dad’s hand for my life . My sister refused to go on the ride, but I begged my dad to let me go on . He as well wanted to go on, so my dad, uncle, aunt and I filed into line behind, what
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Elizabeth Merlino 24065531 seemed to be about two million people . We first walked up to the first section of the line and waited there . I could still smell all the funnel cakes as people walked by. There were lockers for everyone to put all their belongings into which aggravated my dad because we had to pay an extra dollar to use a locker . I kept looking around the corners hoping that I would see the entrance to the line
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memoir - Elizabeth Merlino 24065531 Ugh, why are are so...

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