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paper 2 - rollercoaster that the little boy is on They can...

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Elizabeth Merlino October 5, 2011 Assignment 2 Does my definition of literary art match with a T rifle from Life ? As I determined earlier, Literary Art is a work of written art that evokes emotion from the reader. Literary art is not lab reports and labels on the back of a can of food, even though that may make some people cry. Literary art is when a reader reads something, may it be a book, poem or even song lyrics, and feels an emotional tug in some way. In the book a triffle from life, the boy goes through an emotional rollercoaster. At first he is told to trust Beleov. He makes him promise that he will not tell his mother. At that moment, the author writes the story so that the reader can also feel the suspense that the child is also feeling. The readers want to learn to trust Beleov as well. How ever then Beleov breaks the boy’s trust. The readers are already on the emotional
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Unformatted text preview: rollercoaster that the little boy is on. They can feel how his heart sank. They feel anger towards Beleov. Some feel sad because they can remember what it was like t be lied to at first. Some people can feel the distain and mistrust of the adult characters. The adults are supposed to be the ones that set the good example and the ones that the children look up to and can lean on whenever they need. A lot of people are reminded of that time in their life when they were thrown into the real world. Their thoughts on how this world was nice and trusting were shaken up and then discarded. The emotion evoked is the reader’s own emotion. This is why this reading a Trifle from Life , is considered to be literary art. It not only creates feelings, but it makes the readers feel their own feelings from the past....
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paper 2 - rollercoaster that the little boy is on They can...

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