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Elizabeth Merlino Essay 5 October 3 , 2011 To Autumn and your senses The Poem , To Autumn , by John Keats, is a poem that is addressed at first to autumn, but then to other parts of nature . The poem uses a lot of imagery to convey feeling and emotion in the reader . The confusion is what the author, John Keats, wants the readers to feel. In the end, the reader is supposed to feel a connection to nature and a love for fall because of the imagery and diction used in the poem . John Keats uses the imagery and diction of the poem to play off of the readers varying senses to make them feel a stronger connection to nature and autumn . John Keats starts the poem with using words such as , “Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness” . Right off the bat, John is using imagery to make the readers think about the nice parts of autumn . The image of “seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness” is very calming and relaxing . Keats knows what parts of fall are more appealing to the readers. He doesn’t ever mention how cold it gets or how all the plants die at the end of the season . He then talks about how the season is so fruitful . The next line of the poem is also very comforting. “Close bosom friend of the maturing sun” is reflective of the relationship of a mother and child . The sun takes care of all the fruit and other produce just like a mother would nurture her child or children . Again Keats is using diction and imagery that makes the readers emote feelings of closeness to nature . At another point in the poem , Keats uses, “fill all fruit with ripeness to the core”. The imagery makes the reader think that there are fields of fruit . All the fruit is ripe and juicy and so
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delicious . The imagery of all this fruit makes readers feel desire for the fruit. The sweetness of that much fruit is very appealing and makes the readers want to be there and eat the fruit . It is another way that the readers feel close to nature in this poem . Keats is using imagery to play off another sense . Taste is a very powerful sense of the human body. There are other lines that Keats
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paper 5 - Elizabeth Merlino Essay 5 October 3 2011 To...

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