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Elizabeth Merlino October 26, 2011 To Autumn “Where are the songs of spring? Ay, Where are they?” asks Autumn. Jealousy is one of the most powerful human emotions. In literature, when an inhuman object feels emotion, the personification can create a bond between the object and the reader. Autumn, feeling jealous, shows the human fear of being forgotten and left behind for something else, or in her case, spring. In the poem, To Autumn , John Keats creates a bond between the reader using personification, by causing the reader to first reflect on their own insecurities and then finally their own positive attributes which make them beautiful. When the poem first begins, the special qualities of autumn are portrayed to the reader to show the unique beauty. The different aspects of beauty relate to humans and all the different qualities that would make a human beautiful. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” create the feeling of being calm and relaxed. “Close bosom friend of the maturing sun” means that the season of autumn is friendly and warm. Autumn seems to be so personal when she “conspires with him how to load and bless”. These are all personified qualities that would make a person likeable, so when they are applied to a season, make the season more likeable. Even though the qualities of a person that may make them unique from autumn, the listing of positive qualities forces the reader to think about him or herself and think about all the positive aspect that they have. All of the unique qualities work together, to make that person into an individual and beautiful in their own way. Autumn seems to be a fun season as well when she “rounds the thatch-eves run” and “bends with the apples” on the “moss’d cottage-trees”. The playfulness of the image makes the season sound like it has a child like sprit weaving out and around all of the trees. It’s playful and
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full of youth just like children. Later autumn, “fills all fruit with ripeness to the core”. She “swells the gourd”, and “plumps the hazel shells”. Again this image of autumn makes her seem
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to autumn - Elizabeth Merlino October 26, 2011 To Autumn...

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