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aim genre - The genre that I am using is aim speak This is...

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The genre that I am using is aim speak. This is not a very complex type of writing. Also, the way that the sentence structure is very personal. Some people use more complex words while others abbreviate words. For example “you” would become “u”. The vocabulary can be large words or small words. The way people type is also different. When some people use aim they hit enter after every statement, or even a few words. Others write in paragraphs and send those to their recipient. Aim can be very formal and very informal. Some companies use it to go back and forth between each other if they were to be working on a project. A lot of the time, aim is used by children and teenagers to just talk to their friends via computer. The layout of the aim genre is like a script. It is like a conversation. The “buddy” has a name and then a colon and then the message is next to that, for example Ballet7878: hey what’s up. Ballet7878 is my screen name and it says what I want to send next to my name. As the conversation goes on the conversation
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