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Elizabeth Merlino February 23, 2011 Comedy 231 With Nail and I and Art The movie, Withnail and I, and the book Art , are two great works of alternative literature to compare. They have very different story lines, but at the same time they both have a lot in common. The settings of the books and the characters relate very closely, however the types of humor are very different. The Book and the movie are great to compare because they are very similar, but they show how different comedy can be even with such similar settings and characters. By using different forms of comedy, two similar comedic pieces can be made to be very different. In the movie Withnail and I, there are two main characters. They live together in very poor conditions and are very close friends. The humor between them grows as the play progresses. Withnail is portrayed as the crazy friend while Marwood is the sane one. This play was set in the long 60’s in 1969. It was set in Brittan to show the hard times that they were going through. Money was a huge theme and a large part of all the problems that the friends went through. In the play Art, the characters again were all friends. This time there were three friends. They were Serge, Marc, and Yvan. Serge was the friend that was modern and updated with the times and spending a lot of money on paintings. Marc was “not with the times” and he had a large problem with Serge. Then there is Yvan. He is just lost in the conflict of his friends and lost in the conflicts that his family has. This book was set in the ‘90s. It was also in Europe, but this time in France. This book like the movie had the main problems revolving around money.
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The two of them play off of each other saying witty remarks. The remarks that they make to each
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comedy paper 1 - Elizabeth Merlino Comedy 231 With Nail and...

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