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Comedy is more than just a reason to laugh. Comedy is a useful took that has been used to portray information to the masses. One example of this is The Daily Show. This show takes what has happened during the day and makes jokes abbot it. The thing with this is that it makes people pay attention. It makes people listen and pay close attention so that they can understand the jokes. What the Daily Show does a lot of the time is, it plays clips and then pauses and makes jokes off of what the news reporters are saying. Studios like NBC throw in current events on shows like SNL. Allot of people learn about what is going on in the world based off of what these shows tell them. It also brings our attention to these events and sparks interest in a lot of viewers. This interest then leads the viewers to look up the events and learn more about what is
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Unformatted text preview: going on. Producers at NBC have done studies to show how this works. The Daily Show has a large viewer audience. They know that the people are learning what they watch happen on the show, so what they do is they go through all the given information and stories and they decide what they want to promote, then they pick it apart and play it and everyone listens because it is funny. This type of humor that these news shows are using appeals to the masses. They make jokes that make the reporters and the people in the video clips look silly. It makes the viewer audience feel better about them. A lot of the time it gives the viewer audience something to congregate over and learn more about because it is important to them all, like involving terrorism. LINK TO VIDEO CLIP...
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