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Hwk2_additional - p 1 due to p 2(c Show that the net torque...

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Homework 2 solutions 1. Find the potential energy of a uniformly charged sphere of charge Q and radius R by integrating (a) , ρφ (b) E 2 . 2. Find the dipole moment of : (a) a straight wire of length L with a linear charge density ( ) 2 , 2, qz z z L L λ = < (b) a hollow sphere of radius R with a surface charge distribution ( ) 2 cos . q R σ θ θ = 3. (a) Find the spin torque on a dipole p 2 a distance r from a dipole p 1 . (b) Find the spin torque on the dipole
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Unformatted text preview: p 1 due to p 2 . (c) Show that the net torque on the two dipoles is zero when the force couple on the dipoles is taken into account. 4. Two dipoles p 1 and p 2 are a distance r apart. p 1 is parallel to r and p 2 is perpendicular to r . (a) Find the force on each dipole. (b) Find the torque on each dipole. (c) Show that the net torque and force are zero. (d) Find the energy of the system....
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