646s05hw7 - ELEG 646 ELEG 446 Nanoelectronic Device Principles Spring 2005 Homework#7 due Thursday 28 April 2005 in class 1 Consider the thermionic

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ELEG 646; ELEG 446 - Nanoelectronic Device Principles – Spring 2005 Homework #7 - due Thursday, 28 April 2005, in class 1. Consider the thermionic emission model of a Schottky barrier diode, and use the standard I-V equation with ideality factor η . The measured forward current at 300 K is 3 x 10 –8 A at 0.2 V and 1 x 10 –6 A at 0.3 Volts. The diode area is 0.2 cm 2 and φ B = 1V. Calculate the saturation current I s , the ideality factor η , and the value of A* (Richardson constant). 2. Draw the energy band diagrams for an n-p-n transistor when it is biased in (a) the saturation region, and (b) the cutoff region. 3. Consider a p-n-p transistor biased in the normal active region of operation at room temperature. In this situation, both I B and I C flow out of the device. Now if I C is held constant and the temperature is raised gradually, I B will decrease and ultimately will flow into the Base terminal. Explain this behavior in terms of physical phenomena that occur in the device.
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